Sustainable Development

“Let us be good Stewards of the earth we have inherited”

… Kofi Annan

While we at PHILS passionately follow the Mission, vision and quality policy, we strive to operate in a responsible manner not only by causing least damage to the environment but also adopting eco-friendly operations which goes beyond ISO 14000 guidelines.

Towards this end we have incorporated rain harvesting system and the water collected in the pond is used for Hydro-testing of equipment.

The rejected stream of water from the water treatment plant is used in landscaping through drip irrigation.

A composting plant is also maintained inside the factory premises, where organic waste is treated and used as manure for the gardening.

Office and Factory Landscaping by drip irrigation

Effluent Treatment Plant

Farm maintained using organic waste composting

Pond where Rain water is harvested

The water collected through rain water harvesting is used for hydrotesting of equipment where volumes of approximately One million litres is required.

“We cannot say we love the land and then take steps to destroy it for use by future generations”.

…. Pope John Paul